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1. How does the direct and fast dentist comparison work?

You register on our platform with your name, your email address and the details of your desired region. Under the best possible conditions to protect your data, you can send us your cost plan and x-ray images by data transmission to www.zahnarztgegenofferte.ch

We will forward your request anonymously to our registered dentists. In just a few steps you will receive a free, non-binding quote. You choose which offer you would like to receive and only then will your contact details be forwarded to the dentist of your choice. You will receive offers and other alternatives, discreetly and reliably.

With Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch you save time and money.

Have you often wondered whether your dentist treats you perfectly, and whether his opinion is the right one? From now on, you no longer have to walk from one dentist to another to get further opinions. You can choose your preferred dentist comfortably, discreetly and absolutely reliable.

The direct comparison of dentists also promotes future-oriented competition among Swiss dentists. You benefit from a fair price competition and enjoy the variety of offers from dentists in Switzerland. Through our mediation, you will receive offers as counteroffers and can select the cost and treatment plan that suits you best. You will then be connected to the dentist of your choice.

In this way, you have the opportunity to save time and possibly a lot of money without complications. Dental travel is a thing of the past! Don't spend your money on treatments abroad and enjoy dental treatments right next to you. You can make an appointment on the spot and get advice from the dentist of your choice.

2. Why spend money on treatment abroad to save money?

From now on you will spend your savings on holidays and not on a trip to a dentist! Your teeth will be treated by doctors in Switzerland and protected from further damage. Instead of filling your travel diary with a dental treatment, spend your money abroad for an impressive moment or a relaxed rest! We will establish contacts with dentists in your area and provide you with an assessment of your treatment needs.

It is better to sip cocktails on the beach than to go to the dentist in distant countries. With Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch you can use your holiday money again, for the beautiful things in life.

3. the health of your teeth has a big influence on your organism.

Inflammatory teeth can cause dangerous diseases. The human organism consists of a huge network of nerves and blood vessels, which is of course also connected to the teeth. Bacteria in the tooth roots can also trigger inflammations in the body, for example in the sinuses or in the heart valves.

If you have chronic gum inflammation (periodontitis), please consult a specialist immediately. Sometimes there is a connection between the frequency of heart attacks, strokes and permanent gum infections.

Bacteria entering the blood from the gums can cause blood clots in the heart and brain. If dead teeth are not extracted, they release toxic decay products into the mouth and can chronically inflame the jawbone. This usually weakens the entire immune system of the body and causes the spread of bacteria and pathogens in the bloodstream. Tissues and organs can be damaged. Protect yourself and your body from further diseases and register on our platform! We help you find a fast and efficient solution to your problems.

Effective prophylaxis and regular visits to the dentist, are among the most important measures for maintaining your dental health. Sugar-free chewing gum can also help prevent tooth decay by stimulating the production of saliva. Your lifestyle also affects your teeth. The main risk factors include a diet rich in sugar, acid or smoking.

Also, poor breathing, lack of sleep and lack of exercise are some of the causes of dental and oral diseases. Therefore, let us give you detailed advice and place your dental health in the reliable hands of your dentist of choice. You can react directly to impending diseases and are under regular control. A long and carefree life begins with your teeth. They are the indicator of your health. In the case of dental counteroffers, we provide you with useful information from experts on oral hygiene and dentistry. 4. With a dentist's counteroffer for a suitable dental prosthesis.

While smaller tooth damages can still be treated with fillings, larger damages require dental prostheses. The possibilities offered by modern dentistry are very diverse, and there are different therapies available for a specific problem. This often makes it difficult for you to choose the right dental prosthesis. A dental prosthesis can be fixed or removable. If you choose a fixed prosthesis, you can expect it to last between five and fifteen years. Examples of fixed dentures are bridges, ceramic implants and crowns. Dental implants that are anchored in the jawbone and remain there like artificial tooth roots last a lifetime at best. This is another reason why they have established themselves as a comfortable solution and are increasingly becoming the chosen alternative.

In contrast to fixed dentures, removable dentures can be inserted and removed independently, which is a convenient solution for cleaning. Removable dentures include full dentures and partial dentures. The prices for a good dental prosthesis can range between CHF 2,000 and CHF 5,000 These costs are a large investment and the desire for optimal work is correspondingly high. Depending on the individual assessment, dentists recommend the best option for a long-lasting dental prosthesis. So that you do not feel left alone in your decision, Zahnarztgegenofferte, offers you assessments from dentists in Switzerland at a glance.

You receive meaningful opinions and cost plans from dentists in your region and benefit from a constructive competitive offer. So, you can look forward to your dental prosthesis. Take a carefree look into the future now! 5. A dentist price comparison is definitely profitable for you.

In the case of a major dental treatment or a dental prosthesis, your dentist will provide you with a treatment plan and a preliminary cost estimate. All of a sudden you incur considerable costs that are not always comprehensible to you.

You ask yourself questions, like:

- Is this the optimal treatment for me?

- Am I well advised here?

- Can I also have this treatment carried out more cheaply?

- Does another dentist offer me a cheaper alternative?

- Are the laboratory costs for my dental prosthesis justified in terms of price?

- Where can I obtain further offers?

A second opinion can be useful for you! Often it is not sufficient to go to another dentist because he is just as expensive. Therefore, use the effective dentist price comparison from Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch! Here you can assess your situation more accurately and get an overview of numerous offers matching your inquiry.

The dentists registered with us, check the existing cost estimate and all planned treatment steps. Thus, you get a free dentist price comparison and a transparent estimation of the really necessary costs. Enjoy an enormous savings potential through our innovative service!

With Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch we give you the opportunity to save money and receive the right treatment. Dentists in your area will prepare a counteroffer that is tailored to your needs.

6. A counteroffer from Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch will help you.

Health insurance companies are also increasingly advising their customers to obtain a second dentist's opinion for larger dental treatments. As a patient, you should not rely on the first cost estimate. Either have the recommended treatment confirmed by other dentists or look for alternative treatment options! Especially when it comes to dental prostheses, there are usually a multitude of alternatives.

Before the treatment of a dental prosthesis begins, the dentist must first complete a treatment and cost plan. Your dentist or you submit the cost plan to your health insurance company. The insurance company checks whether the requirements for the health insurance subsidies are fulfilled and determines your subsidy. This results in your own portion, which you have to pay. In any case, the written offer is absolutely necessary. You can refer to this offer at any time and, if necessary, use it as evidence in a court clarification.

Your health insurance company only checks the treatment and cost plan, with regard to the requirements for the fixed subsidy. On the other hand, it does not regularly check whether the planning and costs are appropriate. At Zahnanrztgegenofferte.ch you have the opportunity to receive comprehensive assessments and counter offers from dentists in your region.

They will be prepared by the dentists listed, and forwarded to you. You choose your preferred dentist from these offers, and can then contact the corresponding doctor directly. After a consultation, your treatment will begin.

7. Different dentists offer different treatment methods and services.

Obtain different opinions and compare all services and offers comfortably and anonymously from home! For scared patients, cases of hardship and alternative therapies, there are numerous treatment methods that cure illnesses in the long term.

Our service and the diversified network help you gain confidence. The perception of pain is subjective, and varies from one patient to another. What is bearable for one person feels unbearable for another.

Especially for dentists, pain plays an important role and often leads to so-called dental phobia. In a recently published study, researchers at the University of Miami have investigated how the relationship of trust with the attending physician can influence one's own perception of pain.

A large number of people still require dental help only after a long period of suffering - which can sometimes have devastating consequences. Almost every day, dentists experience how high the inhibition threshold for particular nervous patients are, and how much it costs them to overcome their vicious circle of fear, embarrassment and pain, on their own. That's why trusting a dentist is really important.

If you are treated regularly and as a precaution, you can overcome your fear and put an end to your suffering. From now on, stop worrying about your dental problems, and avoid tormenting yourself with lengthy sessions with the wrong dentist. We support you on your way to sustainable dental health.

An independent second opinion strengthens your confidence and makes the unpleasant walk to your desired dental practice easier. At last, you can lean back and relax and start a treatment with a clear conscience. The use of biocompatible materials, individual tooth aesthetics and absolute precision at work, are always helpful indicators for a good dentist. Cheap is therefore, not always good! Not even if many dentists abroad promise that they will work in accordance with regulations and to the highest standards. Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch provides you with Swiss dentists who advise you on site

You start here on www.zahnarztgegenofferte.ch with an anonymous and free auction on your existing treatment and cost plan. As part of a non-binding price comparison, dentists from your vicinity will provide you with alternative cost estimates for your planned treatment.

These further dentist opinions help you to decide after the end of the price comparison whether you would like to go to a new dentist or not. Experience has shown that further dentist opinions can often reduce the prices for high-quality dental treatment by 20% or more.

The more complex the treatment, the greater the savings potential. This means that you can possibly save up to 40% or more - i.e. more than CHF 8,000 - on dental treatments that originally cost more than CHF 20,000. The specialisation and experience of the dentist you are looking for will enable him to provide you with a well-founded opinion and a further offer.

Some dentists achieve better treatment results because of their experience and are more compliant in finding a solution to a problem. Swiss dentists are often equipped with the latest innovations in dental technology, and collaborate with their own laboratories. They can provide a good estimate and make you an inexpensive offer, because with dentists, a service does not have its price, but treatments have costs. The cost of treatment is determined by the effort involved, which is often judged differently.

Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch enables you to contact a variety of dentistry services in Switzerland. On our website you will find a constructive offer of future-oriented doctors, who offer you their own services and advise you. Zahnarztgegenofferte.ch now supports you in your online dental search. Register on our free platform and you will be convinced!

Follow all steps

Step 1

1) Select the service 1) Dentist's counteroffer 2) New offer

Step 2

Fill out all fields. You register on our platform with your name, your email address and the details of your desired region.

Step 3

3) Upload your 1 Offer and X-rays if available.

Step 4

4) Drücken Sie auf send, nach Eingang Ihrer Unterlagen werden wir innerhalb der nächsten 72 Stunden Ihnen eine kostenlose Gegenofferte, zweite Zahnarztmeinung oder eine neue Zahnarztofferte zukommen lassen. Eine klinische Untersuchung ist dann notwendig, wenn wir keine aktuellen Röntgenbilder erhalten.